About the AAIAF Director of Operations

Yue Zhen, Operations Director of AAIAF.


Yue Zhen 

He was born in China in 1982. He is the Chief Operating Officer of The American AI Art Foundation (AAIAF);founder of Artichains AI Art Exchange in New York;a national-level MMA athlete in the United States; and a commercial sports event agent for the New York Athletic Sports Commission.

Yue Family Fist: inheritor of China’s intangible cultural heritage.

As the 32nd generation descendant of the famous Song Dynasty general Yue Fei, Yue Zhen inherited the family motto of “Respecting Culture and Valuing Martial Arts”, which has made him passionate about both martial arts and art. Perhaps out of respect for humanity and his love of martial arts, he has wholeheartedly promoted and spread the combat techniques and martial arts spirit recorded in his family’s martial arts book, “Yue Family Fist,” and has been awarded the title of “Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage Inheritor.”

Referee for the Chinese MMA event “Kunlun Fight”

He was once a professional mixed martial arts athlete, winning numerous international martial arts competitions and becoming a referee for the famous Chinese MMA commercial event, “Kunlun Fight.” With his experience in organizing and operating various commercial sports events, he eventually obtained a degree in Business Administration from the Ocean University of China and officially entered the commercial sports event management industry. In 2008, he participated in the event operations of the international sailing competition held in Qingdao during the Olympic Games, during which time the city was crowned “the sailing capital” and attracted a large influx of tourists. This made  Yue Zhen pay attention to the public transportation problem for tourism. In 2009, China’s first amphibious public transportation bus was launched in Qingdao, marking the successful operation of the first amphibious bus project he participated in.

2023 AI Works by  Yue Zhen

In 2014, Yue  Zhen immigrated to the United States, obtained the certification of the National-level MMA combat athlete from the United States Boxing and Fighting Commission, and joined the New York Athletic Sports Committee, becoming a professional sports event broker. He provides a better platform for sports talents in China and the United States and participates in event planning and commercial operation.

2023 AI Works by  Yue Zhen

In addition to his work in cultural and business institutions, his deep respect and passion for art always bring him to major art museums, art schools, art districts, and art auctions. If you often visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and happen to run into a burly Chinese volunteer, it might be him.


2023 AI Works by  Yue Zhen

If sports give him passion, then art gives him more creativity. Thanks to the progress of computer science, AI has successfully enabled those who missed out on academic education to easily cross the gap in skills. When skills are no longer the biggest obstacle to artistic expression, those creative souls emerge, and Yue Zhen is a typical example. As an AI digital artist, he likes to communicate with the public through his works. When facing his works, there is a strong passion and spiritual power that can pull the audience out of their busy daily lives and give them a sense of freedom. Emotions collide in intense, high-purity colors, without being stranded. His passion and talent have not only enriched his own life but also brought more inspiration and creativity to him in the field of commercial operation.