“Mask” by Liu Qiming

《敏感词》刘骐鸣行为作品  2010年6月4日
“Sensitive Words” Liu Qiming’s Performance Art Piece, June 4, 2010.

On June 4th, 2010, Liu Qiming carried out a performance art piece called “Sensitive Words” in Beijing. The performance took place on a special day that has become a taboo topic in China for over 20 years. Here, the artist used “Sensitive Words” as a way of personal memory and commemoration for that day.

“12X20cm Length” by Liu Qiming, a performance piece in 2012.

In Liu Qiming’s 2012 performance art piece, “12X20cm in Length,” “face masks” continued to be an extension of his concept of “Sensitive Words.” By slowly and painstakingly unraveling the mask, he attempted to reduce it to its original material form without any particular reference.

Since immigrating to the United States in 2017, Liu Qiming has been actively practicing the “Artist is Anyone” project, which seems to be a tribute to Joseph Beuys’ statement that “everyone is an artist.” Through conversations, we learn that Liu Qiming’s actions are rooted in his own profound and unique thoughts. At different times, he assumes various roles in society, such as a driver, businessman, chef, deliveryman, volunteer, etc. This is not a performance, but rather a practical engagement with different social identities.

In the early stages of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 (March to July), Liu Qiming carried out his art project “Masks”. As usual, Liu Qiming concealed his identity as an artist and participated in the project as a volunteer, mobilizing ordinary people and grassroots organizations, including congressmen, to participate in the implementation of my “Masks” project. During the 100-day implementation period, more than 200 volunteers were mobilized to donate a total of 250,000 masks and disinfectants. Every day, 5-10 volunteers drove to various hospitals, post offices, police stations and other frontline departments in Queens to deliver the supplies to the staff in need through coordination. On May 30th, together with United Nations Congressman Meng Zhao, free masks and other protective equipment were distributed to local residents in Elmhurst Park, which is a gathering place for Hispanic and Chinese communities.

On March 24, 2020, artist Liu Qiming, in the capacity of a volunteer, drove a portion of COVID-19 protective materials (masks and disinfectant) to the healthcare workers at the Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in New York City. On May 30, 2020, Liu Qiming and multiple grassroots organizations, as well as Congressman Meng Zhaoan, distributed free masks and disinfectant to residents in Elmhurst Park, a gathering place for Hispanic and Chinese communities in Queens, New York.


《12X20cm的长度》刘骐鸣行为作品  2012年
2020年疫情爆发初期(3-7月),刘骐鸣实施了他的艺术项目《口罩》。刘骐鸣一如既往的隐藏了自己艺术家的身份,以自愿者、义工的显著身份,参与组织普通大众、民间团体,包括国会议员参与我的《口罩》项目实施。在为期100天的实施中,调动参与我们的自愿者达200余人,一共获得25万个口罩与消毒液的捐赠,每天通过调度,由5-10个自愿者驾车送往皇后区的各个急需的医院、邮局、警察局等疫情一线部门的工作人员手中。并且,在5月30日当天,联合国会议员孟昭文一起,在西裔和华裔集聚的 Elmhurst公园向当地居民免费发放口罩等防护物质。
2020年324日,艺术家刘骐鸣以自愿者的身份,驱车将一部分疫情防护物质(口罩与消毒液)送到纽约市新冠重症病人最为集中的医院——皇后区 Elmhurst医院医护人员手中。