NYRCA is a not-for-profit art organization based in New York City, New York. Rooted in community practices and run by artists, the organization aims in providing a platform for communication, expression, and betterment through interdisciplinary art forms.

The organization hopes to promote opportunities for creation, display, research, and criticism and appreciation of art through international interaction, and promote the development of contemporary art in the United States and the Greater China. With this as our mission, we focus on art project planning, nurturing young artists to enrich their creative practice with a global perspective, and provide a platform for displaying ideas, and at the same time inspire dialogue around creation. These projects include the most cutting-edge international art exploration and experimental art interdisciplinary research and performances. At the same time, it provides artist residency projects and educational activities for the United States and Greater China, covering the art forms and cultural issues of current social concern, and responding to artistic talents. In addition to the needs of the art, it also brings art closer to the public.

As a non-profit art organization engaged in teaching, researching and promoting the Great Chinese civilization and Chinese art. This institution attaches great importance to establishing partnerships with other art institutions to create an environment conducive to cross-cultural exchanges and to bridge different experiences. We make full use of the geographical advantages of New York, the global art capital, to establish cooperation and exchange projects between Chinese art schools, artists and various museums, art schools, and art institutions in the United States. Bring professional insights to the East and West and broaden the diversified aspects of our projects.

The organization is located in the heart of New York, the most ethnically diverse area in New York, and yet the least served region in terms of art and cultural establishments. At NYRCA, we are committed to enable individual and collaborative artists to develop programs with local schools, libraries, and small businesses to instill art in the communities’ daily lives. Through performances, video art, theater, workshops, digital arts, and beyond, our artists are keen in activating public spaces to interact with different cultural groups for them to participate in the programs, and thus promote understanding and solidarity among the groups.