About Yang Jun

YANG JUN(Grace Young )

Born in the 1980s, is a curator, dancer, and choreographer. He studied at the Modern Dance Department of the Beijing Dance Academy and the Dance Department of the Sichuan University School of Art, where he earned a master’s degree in Fine Arts. From 2001 to 2017, he taught at the School of Art at the Southwest University of Science and Technology in China as a dance professor. In 2017, he moved to New York and is currently a board member and researcher at the Contemporary Art Institute in New York.

Yang Jun is an expert in Chinese Qiang ethnic dance research and a judge for Chinese dance grading examinations. He has received the Chinese Ministry of Education’s Youth Research Fund, and multiple dance works he has choreographed have won awards such as the “Lotus Award” for the National Dance Campus Dance Competition, the first prize in the Sixth Sichuan University Art Festival, and the silver award in the “Brilliant Starlight” Dance Competition (college group) sponsored by the Sichuan Dancers Association, as well as the first and second prizes at the Sixth and Seventh Sichuan University Art Festivals, and the title of Outstanding Guidance Teacher at the Sixth Sichuan University Art Festival. He has published dozens of research papers on Qiang ethnic dance and dance education, and has authored a scholarly research work, “Research on the Body Language of Qiang Women’s Dance,” which exceeds 300,000 words.

After immigrating to New York, he has been dedicated to intervening in society through artistic creation, exhibitions, and performances, to construct mechanisms for equal dialogue between multi-ethnic groups. In 2022, he was awarded the “Creatives Rebuild New York” art fund in the United States.

杨俊,80后,策展人,舞蹈家、舞蹈编导。曾就读于北京舞蹈学院现代舞系与四川大学艺术学院舞蹈系,获艺术学硕士学位。2001年至2017年任教于中国西南科技大学艺术学院,担任舞蹈教授工作。 2017年移居纽约,现为美国纽约当代艺术研究所董事、研究员。


移民纽约后,致力于通过艺术创造、艺术展览与演出等活动的方式介入社会,建构多族裔之间平等对话的机制。2022年荣获美国“Creatives Rebuild New York”艺术基金。


In 2020, a contemporary art exhibition curated in New York during the epidemic《“Pandemic  Empathy”Invitation Exhibition of Overseas Chinese Artists》.  For more information please refer to    “疫情•移情”域外华人艺术家邀请展

In 2006, discussing body language in dance with Chinese dancer Wang Yabin in Beijing.

In 2008, a group photo with Chinese film and television actress Jiang Wenli at a contemporary art exhibition curated in Beijing.

In 2012, he acted as the choreographer in the large-scale dance epic “Qiang Wind” of the Qiang people in China.

From 1998 to 2017, he choreographed and performed some works during his study and teaching in the Modern Dance Department of Beijing Dance Academy, the Department of Dance, School of Arts, Sichuan University, and the Department of Dance, School of Arts, Southwest University of Science and Technology.