About Xiaowei Chen

Xiaowei Chen (born 1978), She was a guest lecturer at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. She was awarded the Artadia NY Artist Residency at ISCP in Brooklyn, NY; 2019 Art Olympia Prize, ART OLYMPIA 2019 international open art competition, Japan; 2017 The Arte Laguna Prize, Nappe Arsenale and TIM Future Center, Venice, Italy. Her recent exhibitions include show in Boston city hall, Boston, MA; The Metropolitan Museum of Art,NY;NNE(NorthNortheast), Brattleboro Museum, Brattleboro, VT; Limlip art Museum;WAAM MUSEUM, Woodstock, NY; ARNOT ART MUSEUM, Elmira, NY; Chungnam, Korea; Beard & Weil Galleries Wheaton College, MA.

陈筱薇(1978年生),她曾是波士顿美术馆艺术学校的客座艺术家讲师。她曾获得纽约Artadia 艺术基金会波士顿艺术家前二奖项和奖金赞助,并在布鲁克林ISCP国际艺术家驻扎中心进行绘画项目;2019 ART OLYMPIA 2019 国际公开艺术大赛,日本; 2017  The Arte Laguna Prize国际艺术大赛入围奖,2017年意大利威尼斯Nappe Arsenale and TIM Future Center艺术中心阿尔特·拉古纳奖等。在马萨诸塞州波士顿市波士顿市政厅;纽约大都会艺术博物馆;Brattleboro博物馆;Limlip艺术博物馆;纽约Waam博物馆;纽约Arnot艺术博物馆;韩国Chungnam大学美术馆等展出。

God’s fingerprint/上帝的指纹/42inch x40inch/ Ink on paper/2020   

There are hundreds of people in the picture. In fact, they are only 50 people who have been repeatedly appearing. When they meet different events in different time and space, the direct reactions of personality and habits are the same and repetitive. As mentioned in Mandelbrot set, there is a certain self-similarity between the largest universe and the most microscopic particles.在图中所出现的上百位人物,其实他们只是一直反复不断出现的五十位。在不同时空里他们遇见不同的事件时,因为个性与习惯所做出的直接反应都是相同并重复性的。正如同Mandelbrot set中所提到的的理论:最宏大的宇宙同最微观的粒子也存在某种自相似性。

Galaxy/星系/28inchx25inch/ Ink on paper/ 2017

Rebecoming/复/30inchx33inch/Ink on paper/2019

All day fighting, disguise, vigilance, hypocrisy, pandering. My pen outlines, splits me up into countless copies to face everyday troubles. Opposite to a dream come true, is a soul with stinging pain. The sting can be mended but the stinging would not stop. Split, reunite, the body blended into nature in the whirlpool, forming a spiral of self-healing, from which I have been reborn and get examined again.终日的战斗,伪装,警惕,虚伪,迎合。用行动作笔勾勒轮廓,分裂出无数本我应对着日常的麻烦。梦想成真背面的灵魂刺痛,可以修补但停不下来。分裂,重组,身体在漩涡中与自然结合,形成螺旋状的自我修复,从中得到了再次的重生与审视。


How long the earth has existed, there will be so many turbulences that return to zero. From my perspective, 2020 is just the latest replacement period in countless times. The continuation of the situation mainly depends on the way people deal with the event and the test of their own emotional control. This is a process of degeneration, from the fuse of the COVID-19 to the final impact on the economy, politics, life, body and mind. As an artist, I personally position the artist as a missionary, and the information to be conveyed is not limited to event statements and emotional expressions. It is to convey more in-depth knowledge that may involve the fields of philosophy and science.

——Xiaowei Chen