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Photographed by Cai Qing 9.11 2001/蔡青拍摄9.11


Hug New York 

Cai Qing

From 2001 to 2007, I had the privilege of living in Manhattan, New York. Upon arrival, I settled in the scholar building of Rockefeller University on York Avenue, 63rd Street, East Uptown, where I resided until my departure for Singapore. During my time in New York, I experienced firsthand the tragic events of September 11, 2001. The aftermath of that day lingered, and even after returning to China a year later, I could still detect the WTO dust in my suitcase.

Despite my illness, I managed to engage in performance art during my stay in New York. Notably, I produced a series called “Calling for Peace” related to 9/11, “The Blind Man Touching the Cow” on Wall Street, and the one-day action “Worshiping New York” completed on the streets and Times Square. In 2007, I created a masterpiece entitled “Watch Tower,” expressing my views on current affairs in an artistic way. This project took me to Kassel, Germany, to implement a peripheral action art piece. Later that year, I was invited to participate in the first Asian Art Fair in New York, where I showcased “Watch Tower.” This led to an opportunity to create a New York version of the piece, allowing me to return to the city I had grown so fond of, even after I had left in August.

Now, 15 years later, as I return to New York, I am struck by how little the city has changed. It still feels like home to me, with a timeless quality that is hard to describe. Even a subway ticket I saved from years ago is still valid and can be used! I am excited to participate in “Immersive·Live Art Tour 8” in New York, following the successful “Overlapping Kassel-Live Art Tour 7” in Germany in June 2022. There is a sense of nostalgia and excitement for what is to come. I hope to connect with performance artists from around the world, and to continue sharing my love of performance art and New York City.



  1. This is a short article I wrote when talking about the live art tour in September.

      2, I used to live in the scholar building of Rockefeller University because my wife was a postdoctoral fellow at Rockefeller University.

  1. Eric Shiner is currently the curator of Andy Warhol Museum of Art.


art party in Manhattan


The above summary of my relationship with New York only scratches the surface of my experience. I arrived in New York at a time when I was in poor physical health, and the city became a place of healing for me. Over the course of seven years, I experienced ups and downs in my health, but persevered through the pain and continued to better myself. Due to my bad legs and feet, I always carry a folding stool with me, which has become a symbol of my identity.

In 1993, I visited New York for the first time as a tourist and stayed with my wife’s aunt, whose younger brother was also studying in the city. While exploring Soho, I stumbled upon the Soho branch of MoMA and saw the double solo exhibition of two Chinese artists, Chen Zhen and Huang Yongping, who were living in Paris and had their work arranged by the French Ministry of Culture. This exhibition was likely the first Chinese contemporary art showcase in the United States.
Although I had to leave New York shortly after this exhibition, I was fortunate enough to discover a videotape of the exhibition a few years later in the old auction pile of the Soho branch. The video showed Chen Zhen’s creative process for his work, “United Nations,” as well as his interactions with reporters and audiences. Meanwhile, Huang’s piece, “Laundry Room,” required visitors to walk through a water-rolling device used for car washing. The owner of the Deitch Project, Mr. Deitch, sang praises for this duo exhibition and introduced their creations to the audience.
Thanks to Mr. Deitch’s connection with Chen Zhen, he later discovered Wang Du in Paris and gave him $5,000 to product his exhibition at the Deitch Project in New York. This led to Wang Du’s recommendation for the Venice Biennale, propelling his career forward.

The great thing about living in New York is that I can frequently host “art parties”, which are one-night art exhibitions. The top lobby on the 38th floor of the Rockefeller University’s scholar building, where I live, is a public space for residents’ families. By booking in advance, you can use this space for free. From the large glass room on the 38th floor on the Upper East Side, you can have a bird’s-eye view of Manhattan, which is why each art party attracts hundreds of people. Through these parties, I have met many people, including Eric Shiner, one of the curators of the first art party, who later became the editor-in-chief of Asian Art. I also have the opportunity to encounter famous artists by chance, and they are often approachable. In short, New York is full of inspiring things, such as frequent lecture opportunities with master artists.

After leaving New York, my wife would often attend genetics professional meetings there every two years, and I would happily accompany her. This gave me the opportunity to visit old friends and keep in touch with the city. During one of these visits in 2014, I was invited to a performance art workshop at an art fair curated by my architect friend Guy Reziciner. There, I met Cai Jiang, an animation artist from Sichuan who hadn’t returned to China in 35 years. I was amazed by his determination. Two years later, I invited him to hold a 37-year comeback exhibition in his hometown of Chongqing.

While living in New York, I delved into contemporary art, studying materials and related books, and attending many solo exhibitions and art fairs featuring contemporary art masters. Additionally, I conducted several performance art projects. Here are some of my works related to New York: [list works here].

Cai Qing took pictures of the cityscape of New York from the bottom every 15 minutes during the implementation of “Worshiping New York” 2007. 蔡青在实施《礼拜纽约》时每15分钟从底处拍一次纽约城市风景








我在纽约生活时正是我养病期间,尽管如此我还是做过一些行为艺术作品。比如与9.11有关的系列作品《呼唤和平》、在华尔街做的《瞎子摸牛》和在街头和时代广场完成的一天的行动《礼拜纽约》,这是2007年告别纽约的力作。也正是那一年的6月我从纽约出发去德国卡塞尔文献实施外围行动艺术“观望塔”,以艺术的方式发表我对当今时事的看法,随后在年底纽约的首届亚洲艺术博览会上移用了这件作品,策展人Eric Shiner让我有机会制作了一个纽约版的“观望塔”,使8月刚离开纽约的我,在同年底再次出现在纽约,这已经说明我和纽约的情投意合、藕断丝连的情节。


2023年将在纽约举办“身临其境 • 现场艺术巡回8”,也正是续上届2022年6月在德国的“重叠卡塞尔-现场艺术巡回7之后,这隐约之间有一种时空的契合,希望事与人愿,我也期待与世界各地的行为艺术家在纽约共度良辰,共享永恒!




2, 我曾住洛克菲勒大学学者楼是因太太在洛克菲勒大学做博士后.

3,  Eric Shiner现为安迪沃霍尔艺术馆馆长。

 蔡青和纽约警察with Police


實際上在1993年我作為旅遊者第一次來過紐約,住在太太的姨家裡,當時她的弟弟也在紐約上學。在一次逛Soho時路過了MoMa的Soho分館,在節目單上看到了由法國文化部安排的兩位住巴黎的中國當代藝術家陳箴和黃永砯雙個展,那時應該是美國第一次出現中國當代藝術家的名子。幾年後我住在了紐約,在Soho分館處理舊物拍賣堆裡找出了這個雙個展的錄相帶,由此我補充了我不在場的缺憾。錄像中展現出陳箴創作焚燒與縫紉,象徵摧毀與建設以強化共生共存的“荒野“的經過,和他不時替兩人回答記者或觀眾的提問。而黃永砯不會英語也就不出聲了,他的作品是”洗衣房“,人們在進入展廳時都得經過洗車用的滾動的裝置。為這雙人展大唱讚歌的是Deitch Project的老闆Mr.Deitch,他濤濤不絕地向觀眾介紹兩位藝術家的創作。也就是他若干年後通過陳箴在巴黎找到了王度,他丟給王度5千美金製作一個在紐約Deitch Project的展覽。隨後又將他推薦到威尼斯雙年展,王度就是從那時起跳出來了。

我曾遇到谢德庆met Tehching Hsieh, Marina Abramovic,Vito Acconci,Carolee Schneemann,  Christo & Jeanne-Claude, Joseph Kosuth,Jeff Koons, Jenny Holzer, Maurizio Cattelan …..

生活在纽约最让我开心的是我可以经常办“艺术派对“也就是一个晚上的艺术展。因为我住在洛克菲勒大学中的学者楼,在其38楼顶大厅,是住地家庭公共空间,如果提前预订,就可以免费用这个空间。从地处上东城河边的38楼大玻璃房,可以鸟瞰曼哈顿,这就是为什么每次艺术派对会吸引上百人的到来。我也是通过办艺术派对结识了许多人,比如说第一届艺术派对的策展人之一Eric Shiner就是其中的一个。他后来在亚洲艺术当主编。再几年没见他成了安迪沃和基金会的馆长。


在我们离开纽约后,我太太一般仍然是两年去纽约开一次遗传学专业会议,我乐此不疲地陪她去,正好也可走访老友,这样始终保持着与纽约的温度。2014年那次去纽约,正巧遇到我的建筑师朋友Guy Reziciner策划的一个称为Cutlog艺术博览会,我随机被邀请去做一个行为艺术工作坊。这时遇到一个35年没有回过中国的四川籍行动画艺术家蔡江,我完全不理解一个人可以如此铁石心肠。两年后我在重庆长江美术馆策划展览时,请他返回故土做了37年回归展。

在Cutlog艺博会的工作坊上与纽约人的对谈A Conversation with New Yorkers at the Cutlog Art Fair Workshop



I immigrated from Germany to Manhattan, New York in March 2001, and witnessed 9.11.  A series of works were produced from this, among which the performance art performance “Call for Peace” was performed in New York and Spain successively.  When performing in New York, Hsieh joined the interaction of the work. / 我是2001年3月从德国移居到纽约曼哈顿,目睹9.11发生。由此产生一系列作品,其中行为艺术表演“呼唤和平”是其中之一,先后在纽约和西班牙表演过。在纽约表演时,谢德庆加入了作品的互动。

In 2006, he and Lao Liu (Tian Yibin) held a two-person exhibition “Drifting” in SoHO 456 art space.  Invite the bum to the opening ceremony and lunch. 

2006年与老六(田益宾)在SoHO 456艺术空间做双人展”漂流”。请流浪汉参加开幕式和吃中午饭。

The performance work “Blind Man Touching the Cow” I made on Wall Street invited Chinese rock artists Fang Ke and Liangzi to play music on the spot, which corresponded to “playing the piano to the cow”. 在华尔街作的行为作品《瞎子摸牛》,请来中国摇滚艺术家方科、良子现场弹奏,由此对应产生“对牛弹琴“。

  Before leaving New York and coming to Singapore, the performance art “Worship to New York” was performed as a farewell, from 8 am to 10 pm, crawling for a day (the legs and feet were sick at the time), and shooting New York every 15 or 20 minutes from the perspective of a dog.离别纽约来新加坡之前,作为告别而做的行为艺术《礼拜纽约》从早上8点至晚上10点, 爬行一天(当时腿脚有病),每15分或20分以狗眼角度拍摄纽约。

  went to Singapore in August, and was invited to participate in the first Asian Contemporary Art Fair in December and returned to New York to implement the work “New York Watchtower”.  The curator at that time was Eric (pictured left). / 8月去了新加坡,12月又应邀请参加第一届亚洲当代艺术博览会而返回纽约,实施作品《纽约瞭望塔》。当时的策展人是Eric(左图左)。

  In 2012, I returned to New York and implemented the second part of the “Starlight” series in New York.  This performance art interactive work departs from Hangzhou to – New York – Pozna in Poland – Kassel in Germany – Zagreb in Croatia – Gwangju Biennale and Incheon in South Korea  .2012年又回到纽约,并在纽约实施“星光闪耀”系列之二。这件行为艺术互动作品从杭州出发往-纽约-波兰的波兹娜-德国的卡塞尔-克罗底亚的萨格勒布-韩国的光州双年展和仁川。

 went to Mexico to participate in the performance art festival, “Crossing the Wall” 2017, Mexico, and then return to the birthplace of this issue in New York with the work.  US President Trump has threatened to build a wall on the border.去墨西哥参加行为艺术节,《跨越围墙》 2017, 墨西哥 , 再带着作品回到纽约这个问题的发源地。美国总统川普要在边境筑墙。

  “Crossing the Wall” has performed live art in Times Square, Union Square and Guggenheim Museum in New York.  Returned to New York in October of same year.  Prepare to perform performance art at the China Post-89 Contemporary Art Exhibition.《跨越围墙》先后在纽约时代广场、联合广场和古根海姆美术馆前做行为艺术。当年10月又回到纽约。准备在中国后89当代艺术展开展时作行为艺术。

 Cai Qing’s performance art “Fuck” in front of the Guggenheim Museum during the Post-89 Contemporary Art Exhibition in China 蔡青在中国后89当代艺术展时在古根海姆美术馆前的行为艺术“发卡”

 Went to Quebec to participate in the International 1998-2018 Action Art Conference, and returned via New York first.  Worked on the “Chinese Contemporary Performance Art Exhibition” series at the Queens Art Museum.去魁北克参加国际1998-2018行动艺术会议,返程先经纽约。在皇后区美术馆作《中国当代行为艺术展》系列。

 Come to New York in 2022 at the invitation of Istvan’s Red October.  My performance art on Wall Street “Can’t Hold It”. 2022年应Istvan 的红色十月邀请来到纽约,在华尔街的行为艺术《撑不住了》。

Performed Elimination: Separation, Hate, War at Grace Exhibition Space

 在Grace Exhibition Space表演《消除:排挤、仇恨、战争》

早在2019年我就与纽约Graces Exhibition Space谈好要在2020年4月办“中国行动”文献展,因疫情延期至年底,后来疫情在美国一直在延续着,这件事也就搁下了。

2022年十月纽约之行,我再次与Grace Exhibition Space商量合作项目。疫情改变了人类的生活轨迹,同样给艺术带来新的挑战。疫情带来了行为艺术创作和发展的新动向,我们决定先展出近期的工作。至于原计划的“中国行动”文献展将再加入新的原素,预计在2024在纽约展出。由此我将在9月初回到纽约策划国际现场行为艺术节,再一次与纽约拥抱!

In 2019, I began negotiations with Graces Exhibition Space in New York to host the “China Action” document exhibition in April 2020. However, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, the exhibition had to be postponed until the end of the year. Unfortunately, the epidemic continued to spread in the United States, and the exhibition had to be put on hold indefinitely.

As I prepare for my upcoming trip to New York in October 2022, I am excited to resume discussions with Grace Exhibition Space about potential collaboration projects. The pandemic has altered the course of human life and has presented unique challenges to the art world. Nonetheless, it has also brought new trends and developments to the creation and evolution of performance art. Consequently, we have decided to exhibit recent works first.

Although we had originally planned to showcase the “China Action” document exhibition, we have decided to introduce new elements and reschedule it for 2024. Therefore, I am looking forward to returning to New York to plan the International Live Performance Art Festival, which will take place in early September. I am eager to embrace New York once again and explore the city’s vibrant artistic scene.


In September 2023, I will conduct a live performance art tour in New York 8- Immersive.  Cooperate with Grace Institute, use New York as the big stage, invite international performance artists to create and publish on site, and also include collective art creation projects in the art residence RoseKill. / 2023年9月我将在纽约实施现场行为艺术巡回8- 身临其境。与Grace机构合作,以纽约为大舞台,邀请国际行为艺术家现场创作发布,还包括在艺术驻地RoseKill的集体艺术创作项目。

Grace’s web page 网页




          介紹“身臨其境”-現場藝術巡迴 8



紐約是一個國際大都市,生機勃勃、多姿多彩。對於一個從事藝術工作的人來說這裏是天堂, 是獨具魅力和吸引藝術家的去處了。它不僅有許多世界一流的博物館、美術館,絕妙的建築,數不清的畫廊,劇院,音樂廳,更有令人動心的街道生活和日常景像。正是為此,我將今年第八屆現場藝術巡回展設在了紐約。有幸的是這個計劃得到了著名的行為藝術機構- Grace Exhibition Space的支持,由此我們聯合打造這個以「身臨其境」命名的第8屆現場藝術巡展。



我們註重在紐約城市中心曼哈頓的創作,同時我們也提倡開拓更多的區域,我們不僅將觸角延伸到布魯克林、皇後區、Bronx, Long Island還會去郊外200公裏處的野生環境藝術駐地Rosekill進行創作。





我們展覽和現場表演的藝術空間,在曼哈頓下東村Grace Exhibition Space  182 Ave C,NYC( 從聯合廣場14街乘14路巴士向北到C大道 182 號) 。

我們的中心駐地在布魯克林。655 Humboldt Street,Brooklyn

(從14街、聯合廣場搭L地鐵線方向Canarsie到Lorimer Str換G線方向Court Sq,只一站在Nassau Av站下,走1分鐘到Humboldt Str)。

The five stars are Grace Exhibition Space五星是Grace画廊/ the circle is Union Square 圆圈是联合广场/  the triangular arrow is residences三角箭头是住地.


在紐約的期間,大部分時間由藝術家自由創作。每組有一次在Grace Exhibition Space  發表作品,一次集體去Bronx藝術中心或去長島訪問藝術家駐地並就地創作。

郊外Rosskill 的藝術駐地。從紐約到Rosekill約200公裏,駕車需2個小時。 從紐約汽車總站每小時一班公交車,末班車是晚上八點。反過來去紐約也是一樣的。坐從紐約汽車總站發車到Kingston(離Rosekill僅約10公裏),到了Kingston聯系我們,我們會接駁來駐地。

城市主要活動和約會地點:聯合廣場。這裏是多種地鐵,巴士的交會地,有廣場和公園。是人們集聚的好地點。從這裏去任何地方都方便。从我们布鲁克林驻地来往曼哈顿的L线正好在14街和联合广场上,同時也是從這條街搭14路公交车向東去曼哈頓182 Ave C,到達Grace Exhibition Space.

蔡青 2023/3/20



Introducing “Immersive” – Live Art Tour 8


Performance art is a unique and spontaneous form of artistic expression, created by artists using their body and intellect in a specific time and place. Its on-the-spot nature makes it a one-time creation that cannot be repeated, and this is what makes it so special. For the 8th Live Art Tour, we have chosen to showcase this form of art in the vibrant and colorful city of New York.

As an international metropolis and a hub of artistic expression, New York offers a unique charm that attracts artists from all over the world. With world-class museums, art galleries, architectural wonders, countless galleries, theaters, concert halls, and exciting street life, New York is the perfect place to host this year’s Live Art Tour.

With the support of the famous performance art organization, Grace Exhibition Space, we have jointly created the 8th Live Art Tour named “Immersive”. As the curator of this event, my goal is to use New York City as a stage for the artists to showcase their creations. Artists will not only perform and exhibit in art spaces, but also in the streets and alleys of New York, in lively urban areas or lonely, alternative venues.

To tailor the creation method to local conditions, artists will find places and venues that suit their tastes and immediately communicate with the curator to organize and record their works on the spot. This method will not only reflect the richness and depth of Greater New York as a center for the arts but also highlight the distinctive instinct of performance art creation methods. It will give performance artists from all over the world the opportunity to unleash their unique energies.

Our documentation will create a distinct record of this live art festival in New York. Similar to the outcomes of the “Overlapping Kassel” live art festival we previously implemented in Germany, it will be compiled into a book and preserved forever.

live art documentation of “Overlapping Kassel”. 2022 “重叠卡塞尔”文献2022


We will focus on creating in the heart of New York City, including Manhattan, while also advocating for the development of more areas. Our reach extends to Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, Long Island, and Rosekill, a wild environment art residence 200 kilometers away, where we will create individual projects and collective creations.

The event will last for three weeks, and the artists will be divided into two groups, arriving in New York at different times. During the middle week, the two groups of artists will meet at Rosekill, an art residence in the suburbs. Here, we will centrally arrange individual projects and collective creations, as well as arrange for exchanges between artists, lectures, seminars, and workshops.

Join us for “Immersive” – Live Art Tour 8 and witness the unique and spontaneous expression of performance art in the heart of New York City.

New york long island landscape 纽约长岛风景


The following is our residence and activity area in this art festival:

Our art space for exhibitions and live performances, in Manhattan’s Lower East Village. Address is: Grace Exhibition Space 182 Ave C, Lower East Village, Manhattan, NYC (from Union Square 14th Street take the bus 14 to east to 182 Avenue C).

Our central residence is:  655 Humboldt Street, Brooklyn.

(From 14th Street and Union Square, take the L subway line in the direction of Canarsie to Lorimer Str and change to the G line in the direction of Court Sq. It is only one stop to Nassau Av station and walk for 1 minute to Humboldt Str.)

During their stay in New York, the artists had the freedom to create for the majority of their time. Additionally, each group was given an opportunity to showcase their work at Grace Exhibition Space and participate in a collective visit to either the Bronx Art Center or Long Island to observe the work of resident artists and create on location.

Art residency in Rosskill on the outskirts.  It is about 200 kilometers from New York to Rosekill, and it takes 2 hours to drive.  There is an hourly bus from New York Bus Terminal, the last bus is at 8pm.  The same goes for New York in reverse.  Take the bus from New York Bus Terminal to Kingston (only about 10 kilometers away from Rosekill), and contact us at Kingston, and we will pick you up and come to the Rosskill art residence.

The main event and meeting place for us in the city: Union Square.  Here is the intersection of various subways and buses, with squares and parks.  It’s a good place for people to gather.  It’s easy to go anywhere from here.  The L line from our Brooklyn resident to and from Manhattan happens to be on 14th Street and Union Square. At the same time, we also take the No. 14 bus from this street to go east to 182 Ave C in Manhattan and arrive at Grace Exhibition Space.

Curator Cai Qing, March 20th, 2023, NTU.

Rosekill 艺术驻地


Cai Qing’s CV


Dr. Cai Qing is a multi-talented individual who excels in various areas of contemporary art, including performance art, curation, and art critique. He is also involved in education and regularly conducts workshops and courses on contemporary art, as well as publishes related materials.

1981-1984 Bachelor of Fine Art at China Academy of Fine Arts. 1989-2001 Lived in Germany. Advanced-study at Stuttgart Academy of Free Arts. 2001-2001-2007   Lived in New York. 2007-2011 Full-time Professor at School of Arts, Design and Media in NTU, Singapore.   2009 Awarded a scholarship as an elite doctoral student. 2011 Received the doctorate degree at China Academy of Fine Arts. 2015-2019 Full-time Professor and master supervisor of Experimental Art Academy at Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts.  2021 visiting professor at the School of Public Art at the China Academy of Fine Art.

Besides being an active conceptual and performance artist, Cai also has curated many art projects and exhibitions since 1998, including one of the most important underground art exhibitions in China: Trace of Existence, which he initiated and curated in 1989 in Beijing, in collaboration with Feng Boyi; Performance art show Construction before Deconstruction at Zhengzhou Shifo village in 2008; Parabiosis – a large scaled international contemporary art exhibition at Chongqing Yangzi River Art Museum in 2016; Art Action 1998-2018 as the China section curator at Inter Art Centre and Le Lieu Art Centre in Quebec in 2018; On going global project of Art Now Live Tour happens a few times annually in different locations around the world. Including the “Overlapping Kassel”- live art tour 8 completed last year during Documenta 15 in Kassel.

Along with his artistic practice, he has written and published many important art critiques and books, including Performance Art and Spiritual healing, which is the first and an unique publication on this subject so far in China, published by Beijing World Publishing Cooperation in 2012; Diary of Live Art, 2013 by Beijing World Publishing Cooperation; Experimental Art Practice – Live Art Overseas, 2017 by China Today Art Museum Publishing House.

Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, he remained focused on his work. With a sense of urgency to make the most of life, he channeled his energy into writing several new books on performance art, including “Sinking: Returning to the Underground,” “Attack from the Side,” “The Unforgettable Gathering,” and more. In addition, he leveraged his international network to organize exhibitions and edited numerous books on interactive art projects.


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1981-1984 在中国美术学院本科毕业。

1989-2001 移居德国,在斯图加特美术学院自由艺术班深造。

2001-2007 住在纽约。

2007-2011 任新加坡南洋理工大学设计艺术学院全职教授。

2009 获得精英博士研究生奖学金。

2011 获中国美术学院博士学位。

2015-2019 任天津美术学院全职教授和实验艺术学院研究生导师。

2021  任中国美术学院公共艺术学院客座教授

蔡青策划了许多艺术项目和展览,包括他启动和策划的1998年在北京与冯博一合作的中国首次重要的地下当代艺术群展“生存痕迹”; 2008年在郑州石佛村shifo的行为艺术展“毁灭前的建造”;  2016年在重庆长江当代美术馆举办了系列大型国际当代艺术展“异质共生”; 2018年底,他作为中国部分发言人和策展人参加魁北克Inter art center举办的“Action Art 1998-2018”国际行为艺术研讨会,并在le lieu艺术中心展出了他整理的近20年中国行为艺术文献;除此之外他每年在世界各地不同的地点举办“现场艺术巡回展”Art Now Live Tour, 包括去年在卡塞尔文献展15期间完成的“重叠卡塞尔”- 现场艺术巡回8。

在做艺术实践的同时,他出版了几部重要的专业著作,并在国内外重要的艺术杂志上发表艺术批评。专著包括《行为艺术与心灵治愈》,这是第一本目前在中国关于行为艺术的专著,由北京世界图书出版社2012年发行; 2013年《行为艺术现场》也由北京世界图书出版社出版; 2017年他的另两本新书《实验艺术实践 – 行动在海外》 由北京今日美术馆出版社出版。


Contact:蔡青 Cai Qing Sonnenberg Ph.D

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