“ SIMA Yuan · Outside of Art” 2023 NYRCA Annual Solo Exhibition

Outside of Art





Thanks to my parents and family. I live a happy life without pressure. This also enabled me to make various fantastic attempts in life and work after receiving my bachelor’s degree and master’s degree. At the very beginning I studied biology, then entered the world’s top pharmaceutical company, then went to the UK to learn arts. Finally, I became an artist… It seems that my life trajectory was not designed by myself but naturally formed under the guidance of intuition. At every significant moment in my life, I didn’t seem to be making too much effort, but instead tried to rely on intuition and feelings from my right brain. This approach is almost the same as creating, as if I were constantly advancing an image or a painting, relying on imagination and control over the material. I cannot fully predict its final appearance, but I can gradually bring it closer to what I want during the process. I believe that when we are quiet and relaxed enough, the laws of the universe will help us create a “good picture”. Don’t worry at all.

開會 meeting



My current work mainly includes four major parts: 1) Making art works. This is something I’ve been doing for nearly 10 years. But maybe it shouldn’t be called a job because I will always do it regardless of whether it brings me money or not. 2) Public welfare. I’ve been working as a volunteer in a public welfare organization for 2 years. We heal children between the ages of 4 and 10 with leukemia through artistic companionship (online or offline). Specifically, we teach them to do crafts and chat with them at a certain time every week. Some children who are seriously ill can only live in asepsis wards in hospitals and be in danger at any time. We hope to use artistic way to make them forget pain and live happily instantly. 3) Teaching. Initially, I worked part-time at a Study Abroad Agencies founded by my friend, tutoring students on art portfolios. These students are between the ages of 17 and 20 and hope to study in the best college of arts in the world. After several students realized their wishes, some friends recommended their children and the children of their friends to me. I just happened to be an art teacher. During the process, I got a lot of fun. 4) Family affairs management. As my parents get elder, they become more focused on their hobbies and social circles, so gradually leave some family matters to me. I started studying finance about a year ago and participated in some investment projects with them. Sometimes I attend meetings and activities instead of them.

旅行  Travel




Before 2020, I enjoyed traveling very much, having visited more than 20 countries in about ten years,including Denmark, Thailand, Italy, Vatican, France, UK, Germany, Austria, Czech, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Norway, Malaysia, Australia, Spain, India, Japan, Tunisia, US, Greece and Switzerland. I’ve been to eight of those countries more than twice. At that time, traveling two or three times a year, each lasting from ten days to a month, was very important to me. Like reading, travelling constantly changes and deepens my understanding of time, space and people. But from 2020-2022, I didn’t go anywhere and just stayed at home. In the past three years, many of my habits have been changed and I’ve done more indoor things, such as yoga, playing the piano, and painting. However, starting this year, I ‘ll have  new journeys again.

 閱讀和寫作 Reading and Writing



I used to enjoy reading literary fiction. I greatly appreciate writers such as Franz Kafka, Italo Calvino, Mikhail Bulgakov, Marguerite Yourcenar, Juan Rulfo, Jean-Pierre Jeune and Wang Xiaobo. Because they are good at deconstructing the cruelty of the real world in black humor or absurd ways and when faced with the helplessness of life and the fear of death, they are always full of imagination and vitality, radiating love and tolerance. However, in recent years, I suddenly began to enjoy reading science fictions. They can bring endless possibilities to life. I believe that a person’s world is neither beyond nor less than the language she/he can control. Reading allows people to continuously expand their controllable language, thereby expanding their own world.

 誦咒 Japa




In early 2017, due to a breathtaking experience, I began to recite the Great Compassion Mantra. Over the past six years, I have recited the Great Compassion Mantra nearly 40000 times, basically 21 times a day. For me, the Buddhist mantra is a conduit that connects me to the world higher than the four dimensions. I believe that in the universe, four-dimensional space-time is in the lower level. On the higher dimensions, there must be more advanced life and wisdom. They may look at us as if we look at a plane. For me, the Great Compassion Mantra is a message from the higher dimension world. When I recite it, I can “borrow” the energy from Bodhisattva and enable me to achieve something that cannot be accomplished in this world (Saha World) by my own power, to help others and myself.

做公益 Do public welfare



Born in Beijing,she has lived in Dongcheng District, Chaoyang District, Haidian District and BDA at different time. She studied piano from the age of 5.5 to 16 and studied swimming from the age of 10 to 12. At 17, she followed the teachers and students in her school to Denmark for cultural exchange activities. As a sophomore, she began to participate in the etiquette team and model team of Nanjing University. As a junior, she began to learn various Latin dance styles. She obtained a B.S. from Nanjing University and a M.A. from London College of Communication, University of the Arts London. Various travel experiences since graduation (see previous article: Travel). Before and after studying in UK, she mainly worked at the following institutions: Pfizer (China) Investment Co., Ltd., www.benlai.com, Panda iMedia. While doing her second job, she started creating art.

Currently she’s a freelance artist. As a professional scientific background artist, Sima Yuan has artistic sensibility under the logic of science. Her works reflects the meaning of the role of the environment in this era through the individual experience in daily life. For her, the age of consumption and Internet is the sources of artistic creation and imagination, thereby awakening audiences to think about the real situation of human beings. Main solo exhibitions: Ziyang & Charmian, AMNUA, Nanjing, (2021); Acquisition, TELESCOPE, Beijing, (2019); Awareness, Shang 8 International Art Center, Onyx Gallery, Beijing (2018); The Second Sex, the 10th Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Lianzhou, (2014),etc. Her works have been known in School for Curatorial Studies Venice (Italy), FORMAT International Photography Festival (UK), KABUSO Art Museum (Norway), CITIC Bank, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design (UK), The China Millennium Monument, Tianjin Art Museum, etc.

陪伴父母並給他們拍照 Spend time with parents and take photos of them

藝 術 之 外





和朋友聚餐  Dinner with friends





開車兜風 Go for a drive





宅家  Stay at home




曾經我很喜歡讀純文學。非常欣賞弗蘭茲·卡夫卡、伊塔洛·卡爾維諾、米哈伊爾·布爾加科夫、 瑪 格 麗 特· 尤 瑟 納 爾、 胡 安· 魯 爾 福、讓-皮 埃 爾· 熱 內和王小波這些作家。他們擅長用黑色幽默或荒誕的方式解構現實世界的殘酷。在面對生之無奈和死之恐懼時,他們始終充滿想象力和生命力,輻射著愛與寬容。在近些年我突然開始喜歡讀科幻,覺得它能夠給生活帶來無盡的可能性。我認為一個人所擁有的的世界,既不會超出也不會少於Ta所能掌控的語言。而閱讀使人不斷拓展可掌控的語言,進而拓展自己的世界。

司馬源:紫菜蛋花湯 Seaweed and Egg Soup





生於北京。先後住過東城區、朝陽區、海澱區、經開區。5歲半—16歲學鋼琴。10歲—12歲學遊泳。17歲第一次跟隨學校師生去丹麥做交流活動。大二開始參加大學的禮儀隊和模特隊。大三開始學跳各種拉丁系舞種。先後畢業於南京大學和倫敦藝術大學(LCC 學院)。畢業後至今的各種旅行經曆(請見前文:旅行)。英國留學前後曾經在以下幾個機構工作過(部分):輝瑞(中國)投資有限公司、本來生活網、熊貓傳媒集團。在做第二份工作的時候,同時開始當代藝術創作。
目前是自由藝術家。作品曾在意大利威尼斯策展研究學院 G21 項目、南京藝術學院美術館、 望遠鏡藝術家工作室(TELESCOPE)、英國 FORMAT 國際攝影節、挪威卡布索美術館(Kabuso Art Museum)、泰達當代藝術博物館、中華世紀壇、天津美術館、英國中央聖馬丁藝術與設計學院等地展出。作為一名具有科學、藝術和佛學等多元背景的藝術家,司馬源以日常生活中的個人經驗為靈感,反應時代賦予個體的意義並展現當下人類的真實處境。在消費時代和網絡時代巨大信息洪流的沖擊下,她始終在探尋和保護某種隱秘卻能還原事物本質的禪性。

派对 Party

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